Vacuum Type

The combination of suction head and electric screwdriver in the pneumatic suction electric screwdriver enables fast and stable screw operations in various situations, such as plastic screws, aluminum screws, stainless steel screws, and non-magnetic screws. This type of tool is commonly used in electronic assembly, precision machinery, cellphone repair, and other applications that require high efficiency and precision. It reduces the risk of screw dropping, improves work efficiency, and facilitates operations.
Vacuum Pick-up, 0.02-0.98 N.m

modèle : EA-BN203LAS-C,EA-BN207LAS-C,EA-BN210LAS-C,

Vacuum Pick-up, 0.78-4.90 N.m


Industrial Vacuum Pickup With Full Auto Shut-off Electric Screwdriver- work on screw head diameters 7.5mm

modèle : EPSH-B4S-7.5

Vacuum Pick-up Suction Head

modèle : EPSH-B4S-6.5

Vacuum Pick-up Suction Head

modèle : EPSH-B2S-4.2

Vacuum Pick-up Suction Head

modèle : EPSH-B2S-5.0

Vacuum Pick-up Suction Head

modèle : EPSH-B2S-3.2

Vacuum Pick Up (0.02-0.34 N.m)

modèle : EA-V203L-CC6