Smart Tools


Transducer (8)

The SUMAKE SMT-C1 smart controller enables operators to track tightening status, set up multiple different tightening profiles (torque/thread), and transfer data. Users can switch between multiple programs in order to execute various tightening tasks within an application.

Our DC Transducerized smart tools deliver the information manufacturers need to know about their operations allowing them to improve processes, increase data collection, and minimize rework caused by inaccurate torque or fastening techniques.

Torque Readout & Screw Counter (2)

The Sumake CTDS Torque Readout combines torque display and multi-function error detection, filters torque values, records screw cycle count, screw lock-on/off time, and is computer-controlled. It achieves alarm lock-on and prompt functions, enabling more effective control and management of screw fastening operations in production quality control. Additionally, it provides a communication protocol for data output, allowing for data uploading, access, and integration with automated equipment (PLC). This ensures immediate storage and control of information for each operation, facilitating future data tracking and analysis.